A Room for Ourselves: Continuing Gwen Ifill’s Legacy Through Mentorship

One of our fellows shared, “I’ve never been in a room with so many [women] journalists of color! The knowledge that I was given by these women helped me to understand what is feasible for me to do.”

Gwen Ifill

Here’s what a few had to say:

PC: Pat Nabong

Our vision is to see a diversity of voices, stories and perspectives represented in the news media.

When deciding on the structure of the Gwen Ifill Mentorship Program, we wanted the fellows to help shape the program and ensure we were focusing on their needs. We do this in two ways. First, we customize a series of monthly trainings, on subjects such as salary negotiations to provide the skills mentees need to succeed. From the first cohort, five fellows saw new career opportunities or promotions after the first four months of the program and majority of the fellows indicated they had acquired new skills or knowledge. Secondly, we work to build a trusting and supporting community where they can share their experiences. From the first cohort, 76% of the fellows believed that being part of the IWMF community provided them with a safe space and 82% benefitted from the networking opportunities.

In the words of Gwen Ifill, “we can’t expect the world to get better by itself. We have to create something we can leave the next generation.” We are excited to do just that with this second cohort of Gwen Ifill Fellows who will create a network for themselves through mentorship and fellowship.



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The International Women's Media Foundation is a DC-based organization dedicated to strengthening the voice of women worldwide.